A  SWEET Fairy Tale....

Once upon a time, there was a virtuous, healthy elementary school teacher named Laura who, at the tender age of 27, was diagnosed with diabetes. Rather than being frightened and letting diabetes rule her life, Laura set out to live with -- not for -- the villainous disease. But the tale does not end there.

While educating herself about diabetes, Laura discovered that this is a wicked epidemic afflicting people of all ages, especially children. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), close to 30 million Americans have diabetes and nearly 86 million have a condition doctors call pre-diabetes. If current trends continue, experts predict that as many as one in three American adults will have diabetes in 2050.  

Laura longed to do something about this tragedy. To share a story of hope across the land, she wrote a tale for children, teachers, family members and all who are interested in a charming look into the world of diabetes.

Laura decreed that the story, Maddie's Me Bag , would teach others about the disease's impact. With her wish fulfilled, she would live happily ever after.


*As a National Board Certified teacher, Laura teaches Physical Education and Health.  When she’s not teaching or writing stories about her students, Laura is most likely playing with her family or out on a run. She lives in St. Louis with her husband, Bob, children Patrick and Katelyn, and excitable Maltipoo, Rudy.